At AD Teamwear we are proud to work with a diverse set of brands in order to offer the best possible choice. We have worked hard to establish fantastic working relationships with each of the brands we work with in order to be able to offer the best service possible. Below is a list of the brands we currently work with and little information about each of them.

Acerbis Football
    Acerbis is a constantly growing enterprise in the sports universe. Having started out as a Motorcycle brand the company has now big plans to expand into the football world and has already supplied kits for clubs in La Liga, Serie B and Eredivisie. Based just outside Milan, Italy.
Errea Sportswear
    Erreà Sport is a vibrant and growing manufacturer of innovative and high quality sportswear. Based in Parma, Italy, the company’s belief in sport is at the heart of the added value that lies behind the Erreà logo, its products, which has lead to Erreà manufacturing kits for some of Europe’s top Football Clubs. The company invests vastly in designs that are original, contain technical fabrics whilst constantly researching quality to ensure customer’s needs are consistently met.
Givova Teamwear
    Founded in 2008, Givova have quickly developed into one of the fastest growing Italian sportswear companies. Already with sponsorships of multiple top Italian sports clubs the company prides itself on offering high quality products at cost effective price points. Now moving into more European markets, we are proud to be one of the first official resellers of the Givova brand in the United Kingdom.
    Kappa is one of the World’s most renowned sportswear brands. Founded in Turin, Italy in 1967, Kappa have for a number of years provided kits for some of the World’s biggest football clubs including A.C. Milan and Barcelona. Kappa sportswear has grown to the point where they are now a leading brand in sportswear manufacture for a number of sports, not just football.
    Located in Pompei, near Naples in Southern Italy, Legea was born in 1990. One of the most popular brands within Italy, Legea has expanded to become one of the most popular brands in Europe and continuing to move into and gain popularity in the wider global sportswear market.
    Luanvi is a company specialised in sportswear for football, soccer, basketball, handball, volleyball and running. Founded in the 1970’s Luanvi have produced kits for a number of leading clubs in football, basketball and other sports. Based near Valencia, Spain is a leading brand within the sportswear industry with a large global presence.
Molten Balls
    Molten is the world’s leading ball manufacturer and an internationally recognised brand. It is renowned world-wide for the exceptional quality of its ball products and its advanced technical know-how. This is reflected in the many international competitions and tournaments in which Molten balls are the official game balls.
Zeus Sport
    Founded in 1999 in Torre Annunziata, near Naples in Southern Italy, Zeus Sport has grown into one of Europe’s leading cost effective team sports suppliers. Focused on the wider sportswear market Zeus supply kit and equipment for a variety of sporting disciplines including football, rugby, basketball, volleyball, running, baseball and others.