Don’t see anything that takes your fancy? The design you want is not in your colours? Or would you prefer something that is special and unique to your club? Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We offer a range of fully bespoke football kits. Using sublimation printing we are able to offer kits suitable for Football, Rugby, Basketball and many other sports in a design of your choice.

Fully bespoke kit designs are perhaps the future of the teamwear industry as many clubs now are preferring a unique look. Previously this has been viewed as an expensive and unnecessary luxury option when compared to a traditional option. However, in recent times, changes in a number of factors in the production of fully sublimated bespoke kits has seen the cost difference greatly narrow.

Why choose a bespoke option?

Traditionally football club shirts have an embroidered badge, one printed front sponsor and printed numbers (and names) on the rear. However it can be difficult for a football club to attract shirt sponsorship. In many cases the amount a business is willing to sponsor is way short of the cost of the kit with all the personalisation.

The inclusion of multiple logos within the design, at no additional cost, is one of many fantastic advantages of bespoke shirts. Therefore this presents you and your club to offer further sponsorship opportunities. Finding one sponsor to cover the cost of kits can prove tricky. But, by offering multiple sponsor space, raising the required funds may prove easier.

Indeed if your team already has a number of sponsors or logos this may prove to be a more cost effective option. Alternatively perhaps your club has a very detailed badge. If so a bespoke kit may prove to be a more convenient option.

Replica opportunities

A further commercial benefit of bespoke shirts comes in the form of replica sales. Many clubs have created completely unique designs or twists on classics. This has helped see them benefit from sales of replicas to all corners of the globe. During the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020 a particular good news story involved the design of a bespoke football shirt for Pescara Calcio by Errea. A competition was held to allow children to design the shirt. The winning design, by 6 year old Luigi D’Agostino, became a viral sensation selling thousands of replicas worldwide. Perhaps you would like to offer the opportunity for children or even club fans to design a modern classic kit for their club. A bespoke sublimated kit offers this opportunity to anyone.

Errea Pescara

The bespoke sublimated Pescara Calcio shirt from Errea. A fantastic example of a bespoke football shirt.

Alternatively perhaps your club is celebrating an anniversary or achievement or heading on a tour and would like something unique and special to mark the occasion. A bespoke kit design offers the opportunity to commemorate a variety of things within the shirt design. This could include dates, competitions or a person or persons who are very special to your club.

Furthermore there is the possibility to apply competition logos can to the sleeves or a Country or County flag to the rear of the shirt. There are a huge number of possibilities most of which are already included in the price. Never has there been a better time to switch to a fully bespoke kit for your club.

Partially sublimated teamwear

In addition to the fully bespoke sublimated kits we can also provide partially sublimated teamwear. This includes items such as tracksuits, training wear and polo shirts.