How do I place an order?

The best way to place an order with us is to contact us first to discuss your requirements and for us to advise. You can do this by either calling or emailing us or you can add your desired items into the quote basket and submit your quote through our checkout. As orders for sports clubs can become quite complicated we like to ensure the smoothest possible order process for our customers by discussing their requirements. Once you are happy to proceed with an order we will send you an invoice which you can ensure is correct before confirming the order and paying for it.

What Payment options do you have?

We have two main payment options, a BACS transfer or we can send an invoice with a link to a secure online payment gateway. Often with football clubs their preferred method of payment may be cheque. We can accept a cheque but please be aware that with cheques and the processing time associated with this payment method your order may be delayed by an additional few days. Please be aware that all orders are strictly pro-forma. For more information please see our payments page.

Where will you ship to?

Pretty much anywhere. Let us know where you want your order shipped to and we will provide a quote. We use a number of couriers that cover almost every country in the World between them.

How much does delivery cost?

That all depends on how much is ordered and what location the order is being shipped to. For more info please see our shipping page. The best course of action is contact us prior to placing an order and we can give you a tailored quote for your order including delivery.

How long will delivery take?

Once you confirm your order with us we will arrange for the goods to be shipped to us from the relevant manufacturer. As long as your chosen goods are in stock with the manufacturer at the time of ordering they should arrive with us within 28 days for dispatch to you. We advise that the majority of orders will be delivered inside 28 days. However this can be delayed due to a variety of factors such as any personalisation work required, stock deficiencies with the manufacturer, delays associated with customs control etc. If for any reason an order is delayed beyond 28 days we will advise as such at the earliest possible opportunity. The best course of action is contact us before finalising your order so we can advise you as best as possible in regards to your order.

What brands do you work with?

We work directly with Acerbis, Errea, Givova, Kelme, Molten, Spall & Zeus. We do have some additional working relationships with other brands so if you cannot find a brand that you want please enquire as we may be able to offer something or alternatively put you in contact with another retailer who can assist you. We don’t currently work with Adidas, Nike or Puma. We have however worked with brands such as Macron and Kappa previously. For more information on the brands we work with please see our brands page.

Do you have a minimum order? Can I place top up orders later in the season when a new player joins?

The simple answer is no. However many of our suppliers require a minimum order from ourselves. Please bear in mind when ordering a small quantity, as strange as this may sound, it could take longer to arrive than a larger order. This is due to various reasons. Firstly as we are subject to minimum order quantities from manufacturers so we need to tag small orders onto other orders in order to meet the minimum. In addition to this any personalisation work may take longer as larger orders are often easier and quicker to personalise than smaller orders.

In some cases of small orders we will not be able to accept the order as it will not be possible to meet the suppliers minimum requirement.

Do you offer a Team Shop option?

Yes we do and even better it’s free as well! This can be added quickly once we have established what items of kit you wish to put on your club shop. Moreover you have the option to price all kit items at the price you wish giving your club the opportunity to make some additional cash. For more information please see our team shop page.

Can I request a sample prior to ordering?

We carry a small range of samples from most suppliers covering many sizes. Whilst we may not hold the exact product in the exact size and colour you are after we may well have an alternative or similar for sample purposes. Please contact us about our mobile showroom if you are interested in us visiting your club with some samples. Alternatively it may be possible for you to purchase a sample which can be returned to us to be included in any subsequent order. If the item you require sampling is a bespoke item, then it might be possible to get an exact sample but at much higher cost due to the cost of our suppliers put on a sample. In this instance we will endeavour to get a catalogue item to the nearest likeness of the bespoke item for sizing purposes.

What is your return policy?

As a business to business seller the only returns we can accept are an obvious defect to an item upon delivery. No returns are accepted on any items that are personalised in any way. If you decide to purchase a sample prior to ordering and wish to use the sample in your order you can return the sample for any personalisation work and the cost of the sample previously paid will be deducted from your order. For more details please see our returns page.

What format do you require for artwork?

For items requiring embroidery we require artwork to be in .dst format. For sponsor logos and bespoke kits we require artwork to be provided in a Vector format, such as .ai/.svg/.eps (high resolution scalable vector graphic). If you are unable to provide in that format we charge a minimum of £10 per logo for artwork services depending on the complexity of the design of the logo.

What is a Vector Image File?

Vector files are images that are made using mathematical formulas that establish points on a grid. By comparison Raster files (such as .jpg/.png) are composed of the coloured blocks commonly known as pixels. Here is a short video that explains the differences between Vector and Raster Images

I have a quote from another teamwear website, will you beat or match the price?

Other teamwear websites may offer some of the same products as us. Some of these websites may offer a price match guarantee or even to beat another quote. If you have got a quote from another website please feel free to ask for a quote from us for comparison. At AD Teamwear we don’t feel the need to offer a guarantee to beat a quote because we feel you will get a better price first time around from us rather than going back and forth between various suppliers saving you valuable time. As all our football kits include socks we are confident our prices will at the very least match if not beat the price on other websites.

Do you have any special offers?

Yes, check out our special offer page, here, for all the latest offers. You can also find these on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.