With start dates for many league across the UK now confirmed many clubs will be in the process of confirming their playing & training kits as well as leisurewear. At AD Teamwear we understand that each club has its own unique needs and budgets. So we have put together a brief summary of some of the best player packs currently on the market from Acerbis, Errea, Givova & Zeus.

The player packs we have chosen in this post have been chosen for a number of reasons. First & foremost these are some of the most cost effective packs from each brands, which given the huge uncertainty 2020 has brought to many teams more important than ever. Furthermore we have chosen to put together packs that are available in a range of colour options sure to suit any team. In addition the items chosen usually come in a wide range of junior & senior sizes. Thus whether you want player packs for 1 team or an entire club AD Teamwear is the place to look!

Whatsmore the products chosen for these player packs have specifically been chosen as they are usually well stocked with suppliers. We often hear from customers who have bought with over teamwear suppliers that a previously ordered item is no longer available. At AD Teamwear we always provide the full picture including the known product life-cycle and stock availability to allow our customers to make an informed decision.

An important thing to note with the player packs we have selected is that should you be interested in any of these there is no obligation to take all the items in our suggested packs. The choice of items can be determined by you freely. We have merely picked examples to show what can be done.


Acerbis Atlantis


Errea Super Plus Deal


Givova Revolution Box Set


Zeus Box Set


Whether you simply require a training kit and a bag or a full player pack with tracksuits & jackets we’ve got you covered. Whatever takes your fancy contact AD Teamwear for a quote today. Let AD Teamwear know you requirements for player packs and allow us to guide you towards the perfect package for you and your team.